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Potjie Pots - Bean Pot 3 Quart  Potjie Pot Cauldron Pure Cast Iron
Potjie Pots - Bean Pot 3 Quart  Potjie Pot Cauldron Pure Cast Iron
Potjie Pots - Bean Pot 3 Quart  Potjie Pot Cauldron Pure Cast Iron

Bean pot 3 quart Potjie Pot Cauldron Pure cast iron

$ 67.97
Size 1 Potjie Pot Cauldron
Pure cast iron
3 quart Bean Pot

Superbly balancing size with capacity, this old-world potjie cauldron is a splendid example of a modern product that adopts the ingenuity of the Iron Age. Tuck smudging herbs into the round potbelly of the cauldron to smolder over time, or place it over a fire with the included snug-fitting lid to prepare a rich, filling soup the ancient way. 

This pot is designed with a nearly spherical shape: 9.5 inches high and 8 inches wide. Its capacity is 3 quarts. The solid foundry-cast iron construction gives it a hefty 11-pound weight that is easy to carry with the included metal handle. 

Made from pure cast iron with no pot-metal additives, cauldrons and iron cookware from Annie’s Collections™ are molded, finished, polished, and oil-seasoned. Each item is food-safe and can be used for cooking, burning incense or candles, holding coarse-ground spices or herbs, or an endless array of other uses. Seasoning instructions will be included with your purchase. Enjoy the selection of standing and hanging pots, ranging from a favor-sized mini cauldron to a 19-plus gallon cooking kettle, and related iron implements to fit your every need. 

Image with multiple potjies is for size comparison only

Size 1 Potjie Pot
Height: 9.5"
Width: 8.0"
Capacity: 3 Quart
Weight: 11 lbs
This listing is for the potjie pot only - Kettle hook and grill can be purchased separately  
A potjie (pronounced “poikey”) is a time-tested form of cooking pot that has been used throughout Europe and Africa since at least the 1600s, and possibly as far back as the Iron Age. Their design exemplifies the unsung mechanical genius of ancient crafters: the deep, round bottom ensures a good rolling boil that cooks well and prevents food from sticking, while the three legs provide maximal stability, and the wide-mouthed shape allows versatility in outdoor cooking. Each potjie pot is equipped with a sturdy handle for lifting and a well-fitted lid. Cook in your potjie over an open fire or a gas burner, or pile hot coals on the deep, commodious lid to make an efficient Dutch oven.