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Weather & Delays

We are back on track with shipping!!  Hopefully there won't be any more severe weather that would impact us. Thank you for those who had delayed shipments!!  Well I'm sure everyone has noticed that the entire country has been experiencing weather - good, bad, and everywhere in-between.  This is something we have every year - unfortunately. With that said there have been some severe storms in Ohio, this is causing delays with our shipments.   Please be patient as we are working hard to get things rolling smoothly again. Stay safe... 

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Small increase on our items

Hello everyone! We have been paying the sales tax on all of our sales - except for Arizona - since the beginning.  Now with every state wanting us to pay sales tax we have reached a point that we need to pass on a small percentage of this to the buyer. It is only going to be a 1% on items only - not on shipping like many auction sites do.  This will help us continue having low prices on our cast iron.  We pay monthly in the area of $100.00 - here is an example of August: State Tax Paid: Iowa     $21.69 Indiana     $41.59 Nevada     $10.88 Vermont     $7.91 West Virginia  ...

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New shipment has arrived!

Hello everyone! Our new shipment has arrived, as of now everything should be in stock - we are still unloading.  Unfortunately the Potjie Salt & Pepper shakers weren't included in this shipment.  Hopefully in the fall... As soon as the stock is unloaded and inventoried we will update out website. This past year has been more than a disaster for many - covid, change in the White House, inflation and more I'm sure.  All of these changes have also affected us, our costs have increased as did shipping costs earlier this year.  The new prices will go in affect as of August 01, 2021. We still strive to offer the best prices possible with our products but cannot do anything about...

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