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Annie's Collections - A Simpler Time

We believe in A Simpler Time... Old Fashioned Values and Honesty and staying true to these values

Cast iron has become a symbol, so to speak, of these beliefs. Simple in design, sturdy and long lasting, pure and clean. All of which can be passed down through the generations.

We started out with the simple basic cast iron cookware and have expanded with a more diverse selection of items. Leather journals for recipes, private thoughts, poetry, and just about whatever you want to use them for.

Our Celtic Irish heritage has encouraged us to offer a selection of 'Celtic' items and of course we have to include those 'Different, Unique, and Unusual' items that appeal to all ages - expand our knowledge into various areas.  Many of the Unique and Unusual items are just fun things.

Our love of the outdoors has been the deciding factor for the new items - Garden Statues and outdoor decorations with some indoor statues as well.