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Outdoor Cooking - Cast Iron Skillet Trio Short Handle Cookware Camping Stovetop Fry-pan

Cast Iron Skillet Trio Regular handle Fry-pan

$ 32.97
    RegularHandled Skillet Trio
3 Sizes
5.5” & 7.5” & 10”
Kitchen stove top Campfire
Pure Cast Iron 

Well-made meals can be cooked in the same pieces of classic, efficient ironware for far longer than modern coated pans could be expected to last. This foundry-cast trio of skillets boasts a versatile range of sizes, useful pour spout sides, and short handles to give you superior control when moving the pan or flipping the contents. The handles include openings for hanging, and the skillets themselves are sized to stack neatly into one another, so storage is easy and convenient.

Cast iron leaves you free of worries about scratched coatings, and is also widely preferred for the preparation of ingredients to be eaten in ritual meals or used in spellwork. One of the greatest benefits of iron is that it maintains and distributes heat beautifully; properly cared-for with the included seasoning instructions, these skillets will continue to do so for a generation. A wise investment indeed for your kitchen!


Skillet Trio Short Handle
Small 5.5" (16.5cm)
Medium: 7.5" (20cm)
Large: 10" (26cm)
Total Weight: 9 lbs
Pre Seasoned